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Our Services

Positioning, Presence and Placement

We introduce businesses to business prospect,  referral/reciprocal business partners and suppliers with strong value propositions.

Our engagements are with businesses owners and decision makers who are seeking a face to face business introduction to lead to increased sales.

The key to why any business would be interested in meeting is your value proposition. Know My Business helps define what this is, to reference when approaching its extensive business network and targeted businesses.

Success is measured by the quality of face to face introductions and converted business which follows.

Our range of services under the Know My Business brand include:

Filmed Interviews

Authenticity is important and with our production and filming we are able to bring the interviewer, camera crew and production team to you. These shoots take no more than 1 hour on site at your office or our studio. The final clip is not more than 12 minutes long, but captures the essence of your value proposition – and why anyone would do business with you. It is co-branded with us and broadcast on our marketing and social media channels.

Note: We don’t focus on corporate videos, however typically will produce without our branding if required or introduce to a corporate videoing company.

Training on Mastering Business Introductions

Short 2 hour training courses are delivered on site at a Sydney office location, or via Skype.

The content is important and relevant for anyone engaging with existing or with potential customers. The course covers the following topics:

  • Understand the purpose and apply the concept of “value proposition”
  • Gain confidence through an important ability to have meaningful conversations
  • Be better prepared with introductions and meetings through upfront research
  • Learn how to establish trust in relationships through conversation
  • Understand the impact of tone of voice
  • Understand and identify critical roles in business conversations
  • Learn how to make an effective business introduction


Business Introductions (by invite only)

No one single marketing channel is able to consistently deliver business opportunities. Effective networking to identifying opportunity, nurturing the relationship and closing the deal is often seen as the most challenging areas within marketing and sales. The Business Introductions service leverages our extensive network, brand presence, positioning expertise and value based, in-person^ introductions to generate business for our clients.

These are the types  of introductions we are typically asked:

  • Direct business
    Typically for deals that are not just transactional and businesses not trying to be the cheapest in the market. We look for business that have a compelling product or service that is in demand.
  • Referral introductions
    This type of introduction is ideal for white colour types of organisations involved in purchase of a property or business. They typically include Accountants, Lawyers, Financial Planners, Mortgage Brokers, Business Brokers and Property Buying Agents.
  • Partnership targeting
    These could be where a informal arrangement is being sought – e.g. specialist businesses referencing unique work to each other. Or may more formal where there are joint ventures or even a future opportunity to trade equity.
  • Customer sale or purchase in bulk
    Some businesses are  in growth, whilst others may be looking to shrink. Some decisions around the shrinking of a business may be due to upcoming retirement or change in direction for the business owner. And during a change in the industry, others may be more acquisition focused, by growth through wholesale purchase of customers.
  • Executive introductions (through Know My Group)
    These introductions are specialist in nature being a single Executive who may be between roles and seeking a short term consultancy role.

Discover the 10 Core Principles of meeting new business opportunities, and also understand our process for us to do this for you. Read more here.

To request a meeting or discuss by phone, complete the contact us form.

^ or by phone Skype, agreed with both introduced parties

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